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R 'n' B Meets Northern Soul - V/A

R 'n' B Meets Northern Soul - V/A

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Throughout 40 years of Northern Soul history there has always been dancing on side shows. Some styles however, although being the constitutional basis for Motown sound and later on Northern Soul, nearly were proscribed. But in recent years early 60s RnB was celebrating its resurrection, which can be traced to London's present 60s music scene. From the beginning of the millennium, there are "new" sounds from Northern Soul's parallel universes and outskirts to be heard in legendary clubs such as "100 Club" in Oxford Street: Hammond Instrumentals, Blues, even 50s RnB... Volume 1 of this highly overdue compilation is assembling 19 gems of the early 60s. These are the very roots of Northern Soul! 


Side 1:
01. Willie Jones - Where's My Money
02. Fred Bridges - Baby Don't You Weep
03. Curtis Knight - Voodoo Woman
04. Len Johnson - One Day
05. Bobby Marchan - Booty Green
06. Gene Martin - Lonely Nights
07. Sarah Vaughn - Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean)
08. Gene Martin - I Got The Blues
09. Diane Barnes - I Need Your Love Tonight
10. Little Sonny - We Got A Groove

Side 2:
01. Billy Preston - Volcano
02. Dorothy Prince - I Lost A Love
03. Bill Baker - Another Sleepless Night
04. John Scott - It's You
05. Leroy Jones - It's All Right
06. Big Boy Myles - She's So Fine
07. Jimmy Outler - It's All Over
08. Chuck Pender - I Sure Like Your Style
09. Eli Lee - I Get The Feelin'

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