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Under One Flag

Raven - Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

Raven - Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

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Under One Flag FLAG 28 made in UK with text inner sleeve.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

 Raven is a heavy metal band associated with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, that formed in 1975. They also opened for punk bands The Stranglers and The Motors. They had a hit with the single “On and On”, and refer to their music as “Athletic Rock.”  Formed in Newcastle, England by brothers John and Mark Gallagher, Raven quickly set the pace for the burgeoning metal renaissance in the UK at the time. Raven began creating a sound which was rooted in British hard rock with progressive tendencies and a willingness to take musical chances .


1. Behemoth
2. Die For Allah
3. Gimme A Break
4. Into The Jaws Of Death
5. In The Name Of The Lord
6. Stick It
7. Lay The Law Down
8. You Got A Screw Loose
9. Thunderlord
10. The King
11. Hard As Nails
12. Kick Your Ass

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