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Reed, Lou - Live Take No Prisoners

Reed, Lou - Live Take No Prisoners

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RCA XL 030661 made in Germany in gatefold cover.

Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

I do Lou Reed better than anybody, so I thought I'd get in on it," Reed says at one point during this double live set, and that seems to sum up the album's theme quite well. Recorded during a week of shows at New York's Bottom Line in 1978, Live: Take No Prisoners presents Lou Reed the Standup Comic, doing schtick on Patti Smith ("F*ck Radio Ethiopia, man! I'm Radio Brooklyn!"), political activism ("Give me an issue, I'll give you a tissue, and you can wipe my ass with it"), and the agony of playing "Walk on the Wild Side" ("It's not that I don't want to play your favorites, but there are so many favorites to choose from!") while occasionally pausing to play a song.


01. Sweet Jane

02. I Wanna Be Black

03. Satellite Of Love

04. Pale Blue Eyes

05. Berlin

06. I'm Waiting For Mv Man

07. Coney Island Baby

08. Street Hassle

09. Walk On The Wild Side

10. Leave Me Alone

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