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Reed, Lou - Mistrial

Reed, Lou - Mistrial

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RCA PL 87190 made in Germany with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

After three successive accomplished and mature albums, Lou Reed made an attempt to stay current with the stilted Mistrial. Six of the songs are driven by drum machines, which certainly gives the music a robotic feel. However, Reed doesn't help the situation any by turning in a set of songs that are stripped back to their bare rhythms, lacking memorable hooks and melodies. All of these spartan arrangements are designed to attract attention to the lyrics, which aren't among his finest efforts. Reed is in a social protest mode, particularly attacking violence, in both its domestic and global incarnations. Instead of personalizing the material, he relies on platitudes, which tend to make the processed chords and beats of the music even more grating. Nevertheless, he ends the album with two ballads that showcase many of his finer musical and lyrical skills.


1. Mistrial
2. No Money Down
3. Outside
4. Don't Hurt A Woman
5. Video Violence
6. Spit It Out
7. The Original Wrapper
8. Mama's Got A Lover
9. I Remember You
10. Tell It To Your Heart

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