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Ronson, Mick - Play Don't Worry

Ronson, Mick - Play Don't Worry

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RCA APL 1-0681 made in USA in gatefold cover.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG-.

I'm staying on this early 70's rock trip for the moment. I'm a big fan of the late Mr. Ronson (who passed away at the very young age of 46 in 1993)... and all of his work with Bowie was of course brilliant but I especially enjoy this album, his second solo release from 1975. An immensely gifted guitarist and songwriter, this record showcases his talent to the hilt. On the opening track "Billy Porter", Ronson plays all of the instruments himself and it's a standout, it immediately goes into one of my favorite tracks "Angel No. 9" with his fierce guitar playing very upfront in the mix and it's so fucking good. The title track "Play Don't Worry" is another standout track. Bowie owes a great deal of his early success to Mick Ronson, that is for damn sure. This is the 1997 re-issue, digitally remastered with nine bonus tracks. Highly recommended! 


1. Billy Porter
2. Angel No.9
3. This Is For You
4. White Light / White Heat
5. Play Don't Worry
6. Hazy Days
7. Girl Can't Help It
8. Empty Bed
9. Woman

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