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Roots - Things Fall Apart

Roots - Things Fall Apart

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One of the cornerstone albums of alternative rap's second wave, Things Fall Apart was the point where the Roots' tremendous potential finally coalesced into a structured album that maintained its focus from top to bottom. If the group sacrifices a little of the unpredictability of its jam sessions, the resulting consistency more than makes up for it, since the record flows from track to track so effortlessly.


Act Won (Things Fall Apart)     0:54     
Table Of Contents (Parts 1 & 2)     3:37     
The Next Movement     4:10     
Step Into The Realm     2:49     
The Spark     3:52     
Dynamite!     4:45     
Without A Doubt     4:14     
Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New     4:34     
Double Trouble     5:50     
Act Too (The Love Of My Life)     4:54     
100% Dundee     3:53     
Diedre Vs. Dice     0:47     
Adrenaline!     4:27     
3rd Acts: ? Vs. Scratch 2... Electric Boogaloo     0:51     
You Got Me     4:19
Don't See Us     4:30     
The Return To Innocence Lost     11:55     
Untitled     0:05

3 x Vinyl

A1 Act Won (Things Fall Apart)
A2 Table Of Content (Parts 1 & 2)
A3 The Next Movement
A4 Step Into The Realm
A5 The Spark

B1 Dynamite!
B2 Without A Doubt
B3 Ain't Saying Nothin' New
B4 Double Trouble

C1 Act Too (The Love Of My Life)
C2 100% Dundee
C3 Diedre Vs. Dice
C4 Adrenaline!
C5 3rd Acts: ? Vs. Scratch 2...Electric Boogaloo

D1 You Got Me
D2 Don't See Us
D3 The Return To Innocence Lost
D4 Act Fore... The End?

Bonus Tracks
E1 Table of Contents #3 – cut from album; previously released on The Legendary EP; not up digitally
E2 What You Want – from The Roots Come Alive
E3 Quicksand Millennium ¬- cut from the album, released on Homegrown! Vol. 2 compilation
E4 We Got You (Extended) – extended version of track from The Roots Come Alive
E5 You Got Me (Drum & Bass w/ Jill Scott) - unreleased



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