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Saadiq, Raphael - The Way I See It.

Saadiq, Raphael - The Way I See It.

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The cover of Raphael Saadiq's The Way I See It was shot while the singer was in the midst of performing a Marvin Gayeclassic. Everything from the suit and tie to Saadiq's laser focus epitomize the music on his excellent third studio effort. Blessed with a smooth tenor and knack for romantic arrangements, the vocalist harkens back to the days of Motown andStax, and approaches his songs with the same kind of sophistication, class, and sensitivity that is too often in short supply.Looking for a modern soul singer to get behind? Here's your man.


1.  Sure Hope You Mean It
2.  100 Yard Dash
3.  Keep Marchin'
4.  Big Easy featuring The Infamous Young Spodie and the Rebirth Brass Band
5.  Just One Kiss featuring Joss Stone
6.  Love That Girl
7.  Calling
8.  Staying In Love
9.  Oh Girl
10. Let's Take A Walk
11. Never Give You Up featuring Stevie Wonder and C.J.
12. Sometimes
13. Oh Girl (Remix featuring Jay-Z)
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