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Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Tomorrow Belongs To Me

Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Tomorrow Belongs To Me

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Vertigo 9102 003 made in England in gatefold cover.

Vinyl VG++. Cover EX.

By the time they recorded Tomorrow Belongs To Me, the Sensational Alex Harvey Band had perfected a totally unique trademark sound, an audacious and often surreal witches' brew of heavy metal thunder, glam artsiness, prog complexity, and all sorts of left-field cabaret and big-band elements. This album does not break any new ground for this oddball synthesis, but it is a solid and high-powered outing that will please anyone who enjoyed Framed or The Impossible Dream. Highlights include "Snake Bite," which sets a saucy tone with a sleazy hard-rock riff then adds all sorts of funky keyboard shadings for further spice and "The Tale Of The Giant Stoneeater" a slice of surreal mythology whose backing track sounds like the hard rock version of a Godzilla movie soundtrack.


1. Action Strasse
2. Snake Bite
3. Soul In Chains
4. The Tale Of The Giant Stone Eater
5. Ribs And Balls
6. Give My Compliments To The Chef
7. Sharks Teeth
8. Shake That Thing
9. Tomorrow Belongs To Me
10. To Be Continued

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