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Sin Fang Bous - Clangour.

Sin Fang Bous - Clangour.

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Welcome to the Wunderkammer. Pop music with a bow, a present from Reykjavik and from Sindri Mar Sigfusson. A present that he gave to us and especially to himself. A surprise album, a search game in terms of pop music. At the beginning there was an atmosphere of breaking up. Whereas on the one hand face and body of his band Seabear (whose debut was released on Morr Music in August 2007) gained their outlines more clearly, there remained a deliberately left open game with the sounds on the other hand. The name for this game was soon found: Sin Fang Bous. 


  • 1 Advent In Ives Garden
  • 2 The Jubilee Choruses
  • 3 Catch The Light
  • 4 Sinkership
  • 5 Melt Down The Knives
  • 6 Clangour And Flutes
  • 7 We Belong
  • 8 Carry Me Up To Smell Pine
  • 9 A Fire To Sleep In
  • 10 Fa Fa Fa
  • 11 Poi Rot
  • 12 Lies
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