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Smashing Pumpkins - Machina

Smashing Pumpkins - Machina

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2 X 180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-order, out

Any record called MACHINA/The Machines of God couldn't be a pure rock album. The title suggests this is a concept album, which are at least a little progressive. As it happens, MACHINA is a lot progressive. Though it's damn near impossible to figure out the story line, the album plays like a concept album, with each track floating into the next, winding up with an album artier than Adore. That's not a liability, since the Smashing Pumpkins were always arty, yet Billy Corgan was very clever in camouflaging his artiness.


       1. The Everlasting Gaze
        2. Raindrops + Sunshowers
        3. Stand Inside Your Love
        4. I of the Mourning
        5. The Sacred and Profane
        6. Try, Try, Try
        7. Heavy Metal Machine
        8. This Time
        9. The Imploding Voice
        10. Glass and the Ghost Children
        11. Wound
        12. The Crying Tree of Mercury
        13. Speed Kills
        14. Age of Innocence
        15. With Every Light
        16. Blue Skies Bring Tears


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