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Sparks - Indiscreet

Sparks - Indiscreet

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Island ILPS 9345 made in Scandinavia in gatefold cover.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

In the '70s and '80s, Sparks' American fans couldn't understand why the Mael Brothers weren't as big in the United States as they were in England. "Why don't more of our fellow Americans realize just how great these guys are?" was the question that Sparks addicts in the U.S. often found themselves asking. Whatever the reason, British audiences really connected with Sparks' goofy, insanely clever lyrics -- and the fact that Russell Mael sings like he could be an eccentric upper-class Englishman (although he was born and raised in Los Angeles) probably didn't hurt. Indiscreet, which was the Mael Brothers' third album for Island and their fifth album overall, is state-of-the-art Sparks.


  • Hospitality On Parade 4:00
  • Happy Hunting Ground 3:44
  • Without Using Hands 3:20
  • Get In The Swing 4:08
  • Under The Table With Her 2:20
  • How Are You Getting Home? 2:57
  • Pineapple (Russell Mael) 2:45
  • Tits 4:57
  • It Ain't 1918 2:08
  • . The Lady Is Lingering 3:40
  • In The Future 2:12
  • Looks, Looks, Looks 2:35
  • Miss The Start, Miss The End 2:46



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