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Sting - OST

Sting - OST

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MCA MAPS 7220 made in Germany.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

The soundtrack to the Paul Newman-Robert Redford blockbuster The Sting popularized Scott Joplin's classic ragtimes for a new generation, thanks to Marvin Hamlisch's ingenious arrangements and orchestrations. Joplin's brilliance takes the forefront, which is the way it should be, but it's easy to underestimate what Hamlisch achieved with his orchestrations. His incidental music fit the period and Joplin's ragtimes perfectly, and the arrangements of Joplin's works are faithful to the originals while opening them up for new audiences.


1 Solace (Orchestra Version) Hamlisch, Marvin (3:37) 
2 Entertainer (Orchestra Version) Hamlisch, Marvin (3:06) 
3 Easy Winners Hamlisch, Marvin (2:47) 
4 Hooker's Hooker Hamlisch, Marvin (2:51) 
5 Luther Hamlisch, Marvin (3:13) 
6 Pineapple Rag/Gladiolus Rag Hamlisch, Marvin (2:35) 
7 Entertainer (Piano Version) Hamlisch, Marvin (2:36) 
8 Glove Hamlisch, Marvin (1:53) 
9 Little Girl (Violin Solo) (2:05) 
10 Pineapple Rag Hamlisch, Marvin (2:40) 
11 Merry-Go-Round Music: Listen to the Mockingbird/Darling Nellie Gray (2:48) 
12 Solace (Piano Version) Hamlisch, Marvin (3:37) 
13 Entertainer/Rag Time Dance Hamlisch, Marvin (3:41)

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