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Supremes - Sing Country, Western & Pop.

Supremes - Sing Country, Western & Pop.

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Motown MS 625 made in USA. Vinyl VG++. Cover VG.

The Supremes Sing Country Western & Pop have also been noted for their smooth and soulful tones, and were arguably Motown's premiere performers during the 60's. Now how does this approach to singing and performing work with country and pop songs? Well, the answer can be found on this disc. Within this picture sleeve lies a disc full of classic country and pop tracks, including Tears In Vain, Baby Doll, Tumbling Tumbleweedsand My Heart Can't Take It No More.


Funny How Time Slips Away 3:06  
My Heart Can't Take It No More 2:46  
It Makes No Difference Now 3:23  
You Didn't Care 2:32  
Tears In Vain 2:16  
Tumblin' Tumbleweeds 2:15  
Lazy Bones 3:37  
You Need Me 2:58  
Baby Doll 2:20  
Sunset 3:10  
(The Man With The) Rock And Roll Banjo Band 3:00

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