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Ten Years After - Rock & Roll Music To The World

Ten Years After - Rock & Roll Music To The World

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Chrysalis CHR 1009 made in Denmark in gatefold cover.

Vinyl VG. Cover VG+.

Here, Ten Years After expanded on their boogie base and continued the hits. The title cut was the hit, and while they continued to groove along in the boogie atmosphere, things on Rock & Roll Music to the World sounded a bit too tame for the thundering hordes to chant along to at the time. "Turned Off T.V. Blues" showed just how tiring touring was getting for the band, and there wasn't much else here to bring out the beast to party with. A little too much of the same thing was starting to stunt this band's growth, except in their wallets.


1. You Give Me Loving
2. Convention Prevention
3. Turned Off T.v Blues
4. Standing At The Station
5. You Can't Win Them All
6. Religion
7. Choo Choo Moma
8. Tomorrow I'll Be Out Of Town
9. Rock & Roll Music To The World

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