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Tom Robinson Band - Power In The Darkness

Tom Robinson Band - Power In The Darkness

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EMI 7C 062-06687 made in Sweden with picture inner sleeve.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

This is the album by which Tom Robinson's works have been measured; its consistency is all the more remarkable, since he'd written several keynote tracks while toiling in the go-nowhere folk trio Café Society (such as Robinson's defining anthem, "Glad to Be Gay"). Power in the Darkness is proudly defiant as the era that inspired "Up Against the Wall," "Ain't Gonna Take It," "Long Hot Summer," or "The Winter of '79," which level fierce disdain for social hypocrisy. So does the nearly five-minute title track and funk-rock tour de force, while Chris Thomas' production is as razor sharp as the band itself.


A1 2-4-6-8 Motorway Producer – Vic Maile 3:11  
A2 Up Against The Wall 3:33  
A3 Grey Cortina 2:09  
A4 Too Good To Be True 3:33  
A5 Ain't Gonna Take It 2:52  
A6 Long Hot Summer 4:43  

B1 The Winter Of '79 4:30  
B2 Man You Never Saw 2:39  
B3 Better Decide Which Side You're On 2:50  
B4 You Gotta Survive 3:13  
B5 Power In The Darkness


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