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Crunchy Frog

Tremolo Beer Gut - Under the Covers With....

Tremolo Beer Gut - Under the Covers With....

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Their music speaks better than most by just getting the note and passing it on; the one on life’s mystery, those on its blessings and horrors, on eacti, sex, mono sound and generally tearing the place up. These are important subjects which we all should consider as we skid like drones with a shiteating grin from the bar across the dance floor towards the stage – for that particular sound. Whether it be original songs heavenly inspired by, or lovingly ripped off, John Barry, Henry Mancini, Joe Meek or Ennio Morricone. Or like here, on these abnormally gutty takes, finally coming full circle by transforming evergreens from the likes of the Beach Boys, Depeche Mode, Kraftwer and Sonic Youth in to a complete and superb album.


A1 Every Minute Alone
Written-By – WhoMadeWHo
A2 Das Modell
Written-By – Kraftwerk
A3 She Said
Written-By – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
A4 Rave Kned
Written-By – Beta Satan
A5 Lee Jacquet
Written-By – First Floor Power
A6 Useless
Written-By – Depeche Mode
A7 Because They're Young
Written-By – Duane Eddy
A8 Danube Incident
Written-By – Lalo Schifrin
A9 Pet Sounds
Written-By – The Beach Boys
B1 Johnnies Sykel Intro Theme
Written-By – Johnnies Sykel
B2 9 Times The Pain
Written-By – Blue Phantom
B3 Midtown
Written-By – Tom Waits
B4 Turn Me Up
Written By – Superheroes
B6 Damn Right
Written-By – Tothe International
B7 Las Vegas
Written-By – Thau
B8 Deep Under The Chinese Snow
Written-By – The Mopeds
B7 Death Valley '69
Written-By – Sonic Youth


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