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Tubes - What Do You Want From Live

Tubes - What Do You Want From Live

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A&M AMLH 68460 made in EEC in gatefold cover with picture inner sleeves.

Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

Although their studio albums were often hit-and-miss affairs, the Tubes could always be counted on for a good live show during their mid-'70s heyday. In fact, they became a legend in the rock & roll world for their glitzy shows, which included half-nude women performing elaborate dance routines and a variety of characters invented by frontman Fee Waybill, like punk rocker "Johnny Bugger" and blissed-out glam rock icon "Quay Lewd."


1. Overture
2. Got Yourself A Deal
3. Show Me A Reason
4. What Do You Want From Life?
5. God-bird-change
6. Special Ballet
7. Don't Touch Me There
8. Mondo Bondage
9. Smoke (la Vie En Fumer)
10. Crime Medley
11. I Was A Punk Before You Were A Punk
12. I Saw Her Standing There
13. Drum Solo
14. Boy Crazy
15. You're No Fun
16. Stand Up And Shout
17. White Punks On Dope

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