Tubeway Army - Tubeway Army

Vendor: Fame
Year: 1978


Fame FA 3060 made in UK. Vinyl VG++. Cover VG++.

TUBEWAY ARMY contains a 1978 live recording that was previously available only as a bootleg entitled LIVE AT THE ROXY. Although Gary Numan is now remembered as the electronic-pop pioneer who penned the futuristic 1980 hit "Cars," Numan wasn't always a synth-rock visionary. Back in 1977, Numan and his band, Tubeway Army, crashed London's punk-rock party with an album and handful of singles that blended the raw edginess of punk with precise, riff-heavy guitar rock and Numan's surreal sci-fi lyrics.


1. Listen To The Sirens
2. My Shadow In Vain
3. The Life Machine
4. Friends
5. Something's In The House
6. Everyday I Die
7. Steel And You
8. My Love Is A Liquid
9. Are You Real?
10. The Dream Police
11. Jo The Waiter
12. Zero Bars (mr Smith)

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