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Tyler, The Creator - Wolf

Tyler, The Creator - Wolf

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Sony 88765493061 made in EEC in gatefold cover 2 x pink vinyl.

Beginning with a serene and grand intro/title track that's slowly F-bombed into oblivion -- and that's both F-bombs, the one that rhymes with "duck," and the one that rhymes with "stag" -- Tyler, The Creator's third solo effort Wolf is a frustrating jumble. On one hand, there are the old and now crusty elements where blogs get skewered, professional music review sites get called out by name, and that homophobic slur is dropped with abandon, something made all the more perplexing when Frank Ocean ("out" and Odd Future/Tyler-associated singer) takes time out from his rise to the top to sing with an old friend.,_The_Creator


Wolf     1:50
Jamba     3:32
Cowboy     3:15
Awkward     3:47
Domo23     2:41
Answer     3:50
Slater     3:53
48     4:07
Colossus     3:33
PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer     7:18
IFHY     5:19
Pigs     4:14
Parking Lot     3:53
Rusty     5:09
Trashwang     4:42
Treehome95     3:00
Tamale     2:46
Lone     3:57

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