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Venom - Fallen Angels.

Venom - Fallen Angels.

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 2 X Black with Orange Splatter VINYL IN GATEFOLD COVER.

Venom is one of metal's most influential acts, setting the groundwork for thrash and black metal simultaneously. After their first 3 (and best) albums, Welcome To Hell, Black Metal and At War With Satan, Venom quickly spiraled into mediocrity with Possessed, and faded away from interest. Recently re-appearing in the resurgence of classic metal with Judas Priest and Motorhead, the band has released a series of somewhat mediocre but still extremely blasphemous albums. However, Fallen Angels is a definite step up from previous releases Calm Before The Storm and Hell.


1. Hammerhead
2. Nemisis
3. Pedal To The Metal
4. Lap Of The Gods
5. Damnation Of Souls
6. Beggerman
7. Hail Satanas
8. Sin
9. Punks Not Dead
10. Death Be Thy Name
11. Lest We Forget
12. Valley Of The Kings
13. Fallen Angels

14. Annunaki Legacy

15. Blackened Blues

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