Vinnie Who - Then I Met You

Vendor: EMI
Year: 2010


” I just move my hands randomly on the keyboard, and then I say: ’Hey, that’s cool.’” That’s the enthusiastic way Vinnie Who, a.k.a. Niels Bagge Hansen, answers the question: ”How do you make a hit?” He names Cindy Lauper’s ”Time After Time” as the perfect pop song. And the 22-year old Dane knows what he’s talking about. ”What You Got Is Mine” and ”Remedy”—the first two singles from the album—became smash radio hits as well as crowd pleasers at private parties and on the dance floors of clubs all around Denmark. Now the sound waves have splashed across Danish borders.


1. Game on
2. What you got is mine
3. Feel it
4. Nights
5. Accident or will
6. All I can do
7. Rise with you
8. Remedy
9. Perfect morning
10. Then I met you
11. My sympathy

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