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Wings - Back To Egg

Wings - Back To Egg

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MPL PCTC 257 made in UK with text inner sleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG.

BACK TO THE EGG features 2 songs performed by the "Rockestra," a McCartney project that collected a cast of star performers (Pete Townshend, David Gilmour, etc.) and put them in an "orchestral" setting (ie. string section, horn section, piano and percussion sections). The two songs are "Rockestra Theme" and "So Glad To See You Here." Though he's got an old school Entertainer streak a mile wide, in evidence ever since his early Beatles cover of "Til There Was You," McCartney never forsook his rock & roll roots.


1. Reception
2. Getting Closer
3. We´re Open Tonight
4. Spin It On
5. Again And Again And Again
6. Old Siam, Sir
7. Arrow Through Me
8. Rockestra Theme
9. To You
10. After The Ball / Million Miles
11. Winter Rose / Love Awake
12. Broadcast
13. So Glad To See You Here
14. Baby´s Request

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