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Withered Hand - New Gods

Withered Hand - New Gods

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Slumberland Records is proud to announce the new album by the Edinburgh based folk-rock troubadour Dan Willson, who records as Withered Hand. New Gods is his stunning second album, following his critically acclaimed debut Good News. Active in the world of visual art and dabbling in music for many years, Withered Hand's Willson came late to singing and songwriting at age 30, in a period of reflection between the death of a close friend and the birth of his first child. The resultant material, much of which went on to become the album Good News, has been praised for its depth and startling honesty.


1.  Horseshoe
2.  Black Tambourine
3.  Love Over Desire
4.  King of Hollywood
5.  California
6.  Fall Apart
7.  Between True Love And Ruin
8.  Life of Doubt
9.  New Gods
10. Heart Heart
11. Not Alone

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