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Womack, Bobby - Across 110th Street - OST

Womack, Bobby - Across 110th Street - OST

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The soundtrack to a relatively little-known 1972 blaxploitation film featured songs written and performed by Bobby Womack, as well as a musical score by J.J. Johnson. Although the inconsistency of the approach precluded a musical statement along the lines of Superfly, it's an interesting find for those looking for little-heeded early-'70s soul with funk and rock influences. Womack's cuts count among his better material, and even if the title track cops much of its attitude from Superfly, it has a satisfyingly tough soul-rock groove of its own.


Across 110th Street     3:45     
Harlem Clavinette (Instrumental)     2:12     
If You Don't Want My Love     2:27     
Hang On In There (Instrumental)     2:45     
Quicksand     1:37     
Harlem Love Theme (Instrumental)     3:07     
Across 110th Street (Instrumental)     2:26     
Do It Right     2:59     
Hang On In There     2:23
If You Don't Want My Love (Instrumental)     3:03     
Across 110th Street - Part II     2:52

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