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Zevon, Warren - Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School

Zevon, Warren - Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School

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Asylum 5E 509 made in US with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

BAD LUCK STREAK IN DANCING SCHOOL finds Warren Zevon knee deep in his own literary yet sardonic and grotesque music. From the opening riff of the title track, Zevon pounds and rocks against the tide of typical singer-songwriter blather. Zevon swings his mighty piano through an array of countrified boogie, bare-knuckle rockers, absurd pop, and swooning ballads. He hits the mark with the doomed love of "Jeannie Needs a Shooter" (title supplied by Springsteen), which became a minor hit upon its release. There are a few missteps, mainly the forced funk and overwrought machismo "Jungle Work.".


1. Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School
2. A Certain Girl
3. Jungle Work
4. Empty-handed Heart
5. Interlude No. 1
6. Play It All Night Long
7. Jeannie Needs A Shooter
8. Interlude No. 2
9. Bill Lee
10. Gorilla, You're A Desperado
11. Bed Of Coals
12. Wild Age

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